1. The Pauper Made King


Extract from “The Kings Have won”

“We’ve become, now, an oligarchy instead of a democracy. I think that’s been the worst damage to the basic moral and ethical standards to the American political system that I’ve ever seen in my life.” — Jimmy Carter

 New York, 1804

“This is a mortal wound, Doctor,” I say to the frantic old man. His hands move from my wrist to my neck, desperately searching for a pulse. Footsteps surround me, heavy, rushed. They slowly fade. Dr. Hosack calls for help. More footsteps soon break the silence. Men arrive.

“Hamilton has been shot,” the Doctor shouts. “Hurry up.” 

They lift me off the ground. We move through the tall grass and down the path. The gentle rush of the river stirs the waiting boat in which I am carefully laid. I sense the body I do not feel. I fall out of consciousness.


Was Alexander Hamilton the hero we tend to make him out to be?

In my humble view he was the builder of nation, He was the one that transformed ideas into reality. Without Hamilton, America would have struggled to  come out of its infancy. He create the treasury, established the 1st central bank of the United States, created the coast guards.

Hamilton did attempt to establish a previous central bank in the Bank of North America, which was managed by Robert Morris. But this attempt was completely unsuccessful.

But, even though he was the builder of nation, I believe he was a flawed individual with a very discreet association to the British.

During this blog I discuss the facts and fiction in this story and describe why I told the story the way I did.

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How it all began

Becoming an American citizen led Adrien Gold to study the America’s history. Fascinated by the many momentous but little-known events that he discovered along the way, Gold embarked on writing a series of 19 entertaining and informative short stories of historical fiction, compiled into “The Kings Have Won.” The book recounts America’s 200-year-long battle for the wealth of America.

Washington is burning

2. Washington is Burning

At precisely five o’clock, Nathan Mayer Rothschild retired to the grand living room of the impressive New Court on St Swithin’s Lane; a most deserved moment of peace. A few days earlier, the rain had begun to fall over London, and while it varied in intensity, it had never ceased.

3. Messengers

Caillou was a one-eyed beast of sorts—a disfigured being ravaged by fear and the violence of men; part cyclops, part gargoyle, and part man. A soldier amongst the thousands about to die on this dreary battlefield, he sat, sheltered from the torrential rain; silent, immobile, and apprehensive, waiting for the giant before him to move.