The Origin of the Book


The World is not ruined by the wickedness of the wicked, but by the weakness of the good.  – Napoleon Bonaparte.

The Best Historical fiction of 2023 was created when I fell down a rabbit hole, which is easy, however making sense of it all may not. Many years back, I began to explore American history, I had lived here in Boston for over forty years, had married, had raised two amazing children and as certain political events unfolded, I felt the urgency to become a citizen, something I had long ignored.

Strangely, the more I read about American History, the more I began to discover facts that most knew very little about. I was quite intrigued. Around this time, I began to sense a creative urge to try something new, something out of my comfort zone. I soon rekindled my interest in writing and used the information. I decided to write a short story, then another, then one more, till I felt I had enough to collect these stories into a book; The Kings Have Won.

The first story I wrote, I believe, was about General Smedley Darlington Butler and the Bank Plot to overthrow FDR. Few knew about this legendary soldier, so I continued on; Andrew Jackson, Paul Warburg, and the Federal Reserve and then the 1929 Crash that followed. I was hooked.

The nineteen stories in this book document some of the incredible events I discovered while doing my research, and while this is book of fiction, most of the stories are based on historical events. A few stories are inspired by legends, hearsay or are complete fiction. It took me 8 to 9 years of research and writing and I am super proud of  “The Kings Have Won” and believe it is the Best Historical fiction of 2023.

I hope you’ll enjoy the book as much as I did writing it. This welcome video describes what led me to write this book.

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Washington is burning

6. Washington is Burning

At precisely five o’clock, Nathan Mayer Rothschild retired to the grand living room of the impressive New Court on St Swithin’s Lane; a most deserved moment of peace. A few days earlier, the rain had begun to fall over London, and while it varied in intensity, it had never ceased.

5. The Pauper Made King

“Of the Founding Fathers, no dream was too grand to dismiss, and I salute them. However, I wish to dedicate all the honors to the builder of Nation, to the man who transformed ideas into realities, to the corruptible genius, to the man so blinded by honor it led him to his death, to the pauper made King; Alexander Hamilton, who helped us, in the words of Thomas Jefferson; “…form the most corrupt government on earth.”

4. Your Kingdom or Your Wealth

The Kings’ failures were the fruits of greed and folly, but these men were better, wiser, and more inclined to become the rulers. Von Neiman stood and clapped his hands…”May we withdraw behind a veil of secrecy and become the puppet masters who, in the shadows, will become the invisible rulers, the unknown masters,” Von Neiman said. “To a new World Order!”

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